Young Patrons of The National Theatre (aka YP@NT)

With the successful completion of our third event, we are proud to share that the Young Patrons have raised over $50,000 for The National Theatre’s community outreach programs! The dedicated young professionals in this group have helped widen the programming’s impact in the greater Washington area and made our historic theatre “the place to be” in DC.

Thank you once again for everyone who helped make the November 3 event such a hit. We will update you on any upcoming plans. 


The National Theatre and the Young Patrons Committee are pleased to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors. 



The Young Patrons of The National Theatre is a group for young theatre-enthusiasts that celebrate the lively and exciting musicals on The National Theatre’s historic stage. This group of passionate professionals supports the performing arts in the DC area by raising money for The National Theatre’s community programs. The Young Patrons have hosted three successful pre-show receptions in the 2017 – 2018 and 2018 – 2019 seasons. 

Past Young Patrons’ Events:

November 30, 2017 Reception 

June 3, 2018 Reception 

November 3, 2018 Reception 


Due to the ongoing health crisis, The National Theatre has implemented multiple changes to our 2020 schedule. Our next season will begin in spring 2021, and we look forward to sharing more information with you later this fall. Please email with questions. We appreciate your patience while the Box Office and administrative offices are closed. [As of 8/20/20]

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