The National Theatre Board of Directors

The National Theatre Corporation

The National Theatre Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity responsible for the continued operation and preservation of The National Theatre. Established in 1835, The National Theatre is the oldest continuously operating business on Pennsylvania Avenue and home to over 6,000 productions. Donations to The National Theatre are used to make necessary capital improvements to this historic facility, provide free community programming, support archival records, and to maintain oversight of operations of the theatre. The Board and staff serve as stewards in service to the goals of The National Theatre Corporation.

The National Theatre
1321 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20004


David J. Kitto, Executive Director

Stacy Shaw, Director of Institutional Advancement

Olivia Kosciusko Tritschler, Operations Manager

Mason Boudrye, Development and Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

● Charles C. (Sandy) Wilkes, Chairman

● Genevieve McSweeney Ryan, Vice Chair

● Donald Borut, Treasurer

● Carol Laxalt, Secretary

● Richard Bradley

● J.R. Clark

● Ginny Grenham

● Jonathan Kirn

● Frederick L. Klein

● Ginger Laytham

● Daniel J. O’Neill, Jr.

● Kelly Ripken

● Michael Rogers

● Christina Silberman

Honorary Board

● John B. Adams, Jr., Chairman Emeritus

● Jack Golodner

● Sterling Tucker (1923 – 2019)