Our mission is to be the Stage for the Nation. Building on our 1835 foundation and legacy as a cornerstone of American theatre history, we:

  • Serve the community by presenting the highest caliber performing arts ranging from Broadway productions to classical and popular entertainment to award-winning educational programming;
  • Promote Metropolitan Washington as a vibrant cultural destination; and
  • Contribute to the economic vitality of our Nation’s capital.
“What a pleasure you have given me and to countless audiences; the magic that begins when the lights dim, the curtain rises, and we are transported from a care-burdened world to one where the imagination and the creative muses lift our spirits high.” – Helen Hayes



At The National Theatre we seek to:

  • Impact the future of American theatre by creating innovative, entertainment experiences through work of exceptional merit and the highest professional standards;
  • Inspire future audiences and performers through our decades-long commitment to diverse educational programs that develop intellect through creativity;
  • Celebrate our singular legacy as a historic cultural center in the heart of the Nation’s capital; and
  • Preserve our place at the core of American theatre history as the venue where legendary performers and performances are experienced.


The National Theatre Corporation is a 501(c)(3) entity. Call our corporate offices today at 202-783-3370 to make a donation to the historic National Theatre!

“When a show plays at the National it’s playing for America” – Debbie Reynolds
“The National Theatre has never been just another theatre; it’s part of ourselves, a part of our history as a nation and a people. It is and always will be our stage for a nation.” – President Ronald Reagan